team culture

Vivid images are produced by creative people and only people of the system can meet the deadline. There are different specialists in our team, and we are sure that every member is in his right place.
Nika Uhova
Project Manager
«I am responsible for operational communication, timeline and your good mood»
Anton Lymar
Pavel Krylov
VIZ.HELP Founder
«We create not only renders, we dive into your business tasks and solve the problems»
Nikolai Yaroshenko
Eugene Kondratenkov
Vitaly Ermolaev
Andrey Litvinenko
Art Director
«A good result is not an accident, it is a consequence of consistent daily work”
Ivan Osipov
Oleg Cherepov
Dmitry Melnikov
Stas Vergasov
«Yo! C`mon guys!»
Alexander Starodubtsev
«Nature observing is an important tool for creating the necessary atmosphere in the works»
Alexey Gorev
Alena Kostina
«2D matte painting and post production will make your work emotional and memorable»
Myron Sawicki
Denis Tkach
Sergey Zubkov
«I ask a lot of clarifying questions because I understand the importance of the details»
Dmitry Krivenko
Alexander Mahov
Oleg Mozgunov
«Properly exposed angle — one of the key conditions for a high-quality image»
Pavel Zhgirev
Dmitry Dzhafarov
"We help talented people to bring their ideas to life with the help of a professional presentation of the project."
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