5 steps to start

1 step
Your request

Our quote and timeline

2 step

Prepayment 50% via PayPal

3 step
First sketches

Your comments, our revision

4 step
Final sketches

Check and agreed

5 step

Renders in final resolution with watermarks

in order to prepare a quality terms of references


After we agreed, we can start the project as soon as we receive the prepayment 50% via PayPal. The final renders we’ll send you with watermarks. And after final payment is done, we’ll send you the renders without watermarks.

The results of the work are the renders — images in JPG or TIFF
At your request we can also send you render id channels for additional post for free.
If necessary, we can transfer the full scene with light settings and materials, but this issue should be discussed individually.

Please, download our Brief where you can find all the information we need to give you a quote.  

10% of comments is laid to make additional comments that go beyond the project task but only at the stage of sketches.
For example, if it takes 100 hours to make the sketches, we can spend 10 hours to make edits.
Comments after the final render are considered as extra work and calculated in proportion to the time to work.

1. Provide a 3D model of the object from ArchiCAD, Revit, SketchUp and 3ds Max.
2. Define what is more important to display in the picture: improvement with sidewalks, curbs and lighting solution or just the shape of the facade.
3. Choose a winning angle.
4. Try a photomontage. Taking a photo of your project from a bird’s eye view, the cost of work may be reduced by 2-3 times, because it will be possible not to build improvement.

The most time-consuming part of an interior visualization is a furniture modeling. The design of the sofa with a lot of bends, folds and mates can be more complicated than a design of the modern architecture. That is why using models from the 3D libraries can save time and money while working on interior visualization.

The speed of work depends on several factors:
1. Quality of the project task — whether it is full or not
2. Complexity of the project
3. Whether the customer has a clear understanding of the desired result or not 

Yes, we can. In our team there are architects and designers with academic background, that is why we can create a design concept of your project. It is one of our favourite tasks. We just ask to give us the goal you want to reach and provide us context of the project.

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